15 September, 2014

Perpetuate the Hope

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We are so excited that our annual Perpetuate the Hope luncheon is tomorrow! Our plan to rally 1,000 individuals is about to come to fruition, and it is thrilling that you have chosen to be a part of it.

Here are a couple details for you to keep in mind…

Registration Begins at 11:30. Please check in upon arriving to get your table number.

Event 12:00-12:59

Location The Depot Pavilion, 225 3rd Ave S

Parking Parking is available at The Depot lot which can be entered on 5th Avenue S between Second St. N and Washington Avenue. There is also parking available at the Mill Quarter Ramp located at 711 2nd St S, about two blocks from The Depot. Both lots are approximately $7. There is also metered parking available. We do recommend carpooling to save money and to make parking less congested. There will be Urban Homeworks staff members in orange vests available to assist with directing visitors to the lots.




Today, many our neighbors will walk past several vacant, neglected, or foreclosed properties before arriving at our office doors—where they come seeking HOME for their families. They’ll apply and then they’ll become one of the 356 currently waiting….and hoping.

You fuel that HOPE.

We can’t help but keep in mind the unprecedented level of support that came out of last year’s event - you inpired close to 900 people and raised more than $275,000 to rebuild neighborhoods and reconnect people. 


This year, we plan to build on that momentum...but we need YOU!  

Help us carry out our 2014 plan to rally over 1,000 people and raise over $356,000 — representing $1,000 for every family on the waiting list.  Let's gather at the same tables, stir some holy mischief, and perpetuate hope by providing stability for every child, every family, every you and every me this year at the Depot! 

Questions about the 2014 Perpetuate the Hope Luncheon?  Contact Jessica Mueller by clicking This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling 612-232-0394.


Are you a Sponsor or Table Host and looking for some more information?

Click on the Table Host Toolkit for helpful resources, FAQ's, tools and videos that will help you manage and fill those tables!  

Thanks so much for being such an essential partner on this Perpetuate the Hope journey.  You are inspiring others to catch and share the vision of every life liberated, every relationship reconciled, and every day dignified as evidence of the hope of Jesus Christ!


Thank You to our 2014 Perpetuate the Hope Sponsors (so far...)!

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