20 February, 2017

Buy a Home

Urban Homeworks offers households with low to moderate income the opportunity to own a home. The program utilizes supportive partners to ensure that families are equipped to succeed. Urban Homeworks houses are developed and kept perpetually affordable through partnerships with the City of Lakes Community Land Trust and Project for Pride in Living.

PROJECT: Reclaim

Due to current market conditions and tightened financing guidelines, many families on the margins are forced out of the homeownership market. PROJECT: Reclaim provides an ownership opportunity to families whose income qualifies, but who struggle with credit challenges. PROJECT: Reclaim provides households with a credit enhancement program that minimizes debt and corrects credit missteps. Click here for detailed information about the program.

City of Lakes Community Land Trust

Urban Homeworks’ high-quality housing is sold in partnership with the City of Lakes Community Land Trust. The subsidies provided make new and renovated homes permanently affordable to families at or below 80% of the metro median income. The homes are high-efficiency, using quality materials. Great attention is given to the quality of life for the family, as well as the ongoing expense of operating a home. Partnering with the Land Trust ensures that each home will be affordable in perpetuity to  households of low to moderate income.


Northside Home

In order to increase homeownership among residents of the north side of Minneapolis, and to enhance market values as the economy begins its upswing, Urban Homeworks and Project for Pride Living are continuing their work to address the surplus of single-family homes and duplexes needing stabilization through the Northside Home ownership initiative. Click here for detailed information about the program.


Green Homes North

In an effort to revitalize North Minneapolis neighborhoods, Urban Homeworks has partnered with the City of Minneapolis through a 2012 program initiative called Green Homes North. Click here for more information about the program. 


Inspiring Communities: Building Innovation

The Inspiring Communities program was started by the City of St. Paul in 2013 as way to focus redevelopment in cluster areas of St. Paul, in particular neighborhoods most impacted by the foreclosure crisis. Click here to learn more. 


Current Homes for Sale

For information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., licensed Realtor, at 612-272-6682.

Check Out Our Finished Homes

Click here to see the list of downloadable PDFs featuring Urban Homeworks' recently finished projects.