20 February, 2017

Urban Neighbors

unlogo webUrban Neighbors live at the intersection of faith and action. Love where you live, and live with purpose by loving God and learning what it means to be a neighbor in the urban neighborhoods of Minneapolis AND St. Paul.

The Urban Neighbor Community is a faith-motivated, ministry-of-presence experience for college students and working professionals. Both single people and married couples are welcome to be Urban Neighbors. The experience will change your life and give you a new perspective on what it means to be a neighbor. Jesus showed us how. 


Who is my Neighbor? 

This film, produced by two Urban Neighbors at Chitwood Media, explores the questions "Who is my Neighbor?" and "What does it mean to love my neighbor?" The same questions Urban Neighbors intentionally wrestle with every day. 


Urban Neighbors Commit to:

  • Serve. Volunteer 2-3 hours weekly with a local ministry or organization that is targeting the needs of the urban community.
  • Learn. Join with all Urban neighbors and other community members to seek new biblical perspective on justice, mercy, and other issues we face in our community. 
  • Live. Gather regularly with housemates physically, emotionally, and spiritually as you all seek to follow Jesus together through a diverse context.

Why Be An Urban Neighbor?

Watch more reasons to be an Urban Neighbor here.


Where We Live

Urban Neighbors live in neighborhoods of North Minneapolis, South Minneapolis, and the Frogtown neighborhood of St. Paul. Urban Neighbors sign a one-year covenant and lease and live in a duplex or an apartment with 2–4 other people in a mixed-income housing model operated by Urban Homeworks. It costs $435/month to be an Urban Neighbor with rent, program fees, and utilities included.

How to Become an Urban Neighbor

To apply, download the Urban Neighbor Application for an individual or married couple. After completing, return by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., fax (612-722-2214) or mail it to Urban Homeworks, Attn: Urban Neighbor Community, 2015 Emerson Ave N, Minneapolis MN 55411. For more information on becoming an Urban Neighbor read through some Frequently Asked Questions or contact Jon Lundberg at 612-703-9093.