20 February, 2017

Strategic Network of Good Neighbors

The Strategic Network of Good Neighbors ("NOG'N") is a dynamic, organic network of relationships that connects neighbors to each other to promote healthy urban communities. The NOG'N is a voluntary and open web of relationships and connections in the Minneapolis and St. Paul neighborhoods where we work.

What is the purpose of the NOG’N?

The NOG’N empowers the work, ministry, and relationships of people in our community by connecting them to resources and people within the expanding number of Urban Homework’s ministry and community partners.

Who is part of the NOG’N?

There is no “membership,” no roster per se. There are only relationships that have grown out of some aspect of the mission and people who have been part of Urban Homeworks:
•    UHW staff, former staff and interns
•    UHW board members (current and former)
•    Urban Neighbors and Urban Neighbor (current and alumni)
•    UHW homeowners and neighborhood homeowners
•    UHW families (current and former)
•    UHW volunteers (current and former)
•    UHW partners/supporters
•    Community agencies, ministries
•    Churches in Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding communities
•    Communities of faith

How does NOG’N benefit the community?

United we stand, divided we fall. The NOG’N offers shared resources (visiting speakers, trainings, outreach events) plus opportunities to share best practices.

How is the NOG’N “actualized”?

  • Partnerships in community development
  • Voluntary participation in Urban Homeworks-sponsored or co-sponsored events (Urban Neighbor meetings, Harambee Weekend with Park Ave UMC, neighborhood events, etc.)
  • E-mail, internet, blogs, Facebook, and other forms of electronic communication
  • Urban Homeworks newsletter and blogs