31 March, 2015
Reclaiming Hope

RECLAIMING HOPE | Hope is the starting point for Urban Homeworks, the force that brings together low-income families, young professionals, job skill trainees, and volunteers from all walks of life into an exchange that restores homes and creates a space for neighbors to engage.

Thursday, 05 March 2015 10:48

Improbable Teacher

uc2-guysYou might say I have a “healthy addiction” to concrete work. What started out 20+ years ago as a necessity to pay for college, gradually turned into an experience that shaped much of my adult life. Over the past couple years I have shared my love of concrete work with the young men of Urban Construction Company (UC2), and it is probable that they don’t look upon concrete work quite as fondly as I do. They probably see it as hard work and a means to an end, just as I did when I did when starting out. But regardless of whether they share my healthy addiction or not, we all share some truly great memories of times working together as a team.

improbable-teacherLast fall, during one of our last big jobs of the year, I looked around and noticed that at that moment, I was not needed. Everyone was operating perfectly and the job seemed almost effortless. While basking in the moment, I realized I was experiencing the joy of a teacher. I don't consider myself a particularly gifted teacher, and yet there was the crew, showing me what they had learned to perfection. Who knows, maybe they learned in spite of me, but I do know that I lacked in teaching skills, I made up for in a genuine love of what I was doing and a desire for them to share in that reality.

This memory epitomizes the heart and soul of training. Find something you love that can benefit others around you and share it with them. You might just find yourself an improbable teacher.

Meet the members of UC2, a full time employment opportunity that stems from construction training programs utilized by Urban Homeworks. Click here to learn more about Urban Homeworks training partners.


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