28 February, 2015
Reclaiming Hope

RECLAIMING HOPE | Hope is the starting point for Urban Homeworks, the force that brings together low-income families, young professionals, job skill trainees, and volunteers from all walks of life into an exchange that restores homes and creates a space for neighbors to engage.

Thursday, 12 February 2015 08:36

A Loving Landlord Paradox

feyAs a young renter, I distinctly remember getting the dreaded fliers from our landlord announcing required meetings. I remember how painful it was to take a night out of my ‘busy’ single life for a gathering purposed to roll out a long list of “please do not’s”. No one was excited to see our landlord, and no one was particularly excited to meet residents that were as far as three buildings away from their own.

In mid-January, I was invited to come to another one of these meetings – this time, organized by the UHW Housing Services Team. I was humbled as I witnessed the powerful effect of a mission that uses housing as a tool to build strong, interwoven relationships which have the power to build thriving communities. This gathering was filled with long-time friends, neighbors that had become mentors, and kids stuffing their faces with sandwiches and Cheetos. It was filled with people that saw each other as a part of something more and wanted to connect with each other and their ‘landlord.’

After making some announcements, Anna shared, “We read a report that said a major benchmark for healthy communities is when rental residents stay for 2 years. Urban Homeworks residents, on average, stay more than 3 years. YOU are what is healthy about our community!” 

A murmur of surprise and a feeling of obvious pride filled the room as a newer resident, Angie, responded, “Now, we just need MORE units!”

You have made it possible for us to both respond to this request and for so many families to see us as their advocates and to experience the stability that creates healthy communities. We are so thankful, especially to those that have been faithful members of the >100 Campaign (or 100 Gives 100 Program)! Join today at urbanhomeworks.org/donate/100.

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