31 May, 2016
Rebuilding Neighborhoods

Rebuilding Neighborhoods | In the most disadvantaged neighborhoods of the Twin Cities, Urban Homeworks focuses the combined resources of individuals, churches, businesses, government entities and other nonprofits to transform foreclosed, condemned or boarded properties into dignified, quality places to live.

Green Homes North is an initiative of the City of Minneapolis to build 100 energy efficient homes over five years to revitalize neighborhoods in North Minneapolis. The homes to be constructed are considered “green” because they are to be built to Green Communities Standards to include high efficiency mechanical systems, Energy Star appliances and lighting, and durable exterior construction.

The city’s goals for the program are to add more homes for people to own on what are now vacant lots; build area market values; and increase confidence of current owners. Urban Homeworks is on board with that objective, and has participated in the program with the site at 2822 Bryant Avenue North in the Hawthorne Neighborhood. The home at 2822 Bryant Ave is a unique, modern design. Often, we see the classic old homes in the neighborhood that many of us love, are often rewarding to rehab. With the vacant lots, new homes may imitate the old style front elevation to blend in well. But there are folks who are looking for something different, more “modern”, and yet not one of the 1970s style split entries! So this home is reminiscent of a classic 1.5 story home, but has a front porch that is open at the front, and enclosed at the sides. It has a window arrangement meant to minimize opportunities for exterior air to get in, but enough to meet city requirements and allow natural light where needed. Other sustainable elements include Energy Star appliances; low VOC paints; low flow plumbing fixtures; continuously active ventilation systems; and whole house air exchanger systems.

This home currently has a purchase agreement in place, and will hopefully be sold any day now! Urban Homeworks has another Green Homes North home underway at 3539 Fremont Avenue North in the Folwell Neighborhood which will be done in the spring 2016.

Make sure to check out some of the before/almost-after pictures by clicking HERE.

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