7 July, 2015
Rebuilding Neighborhoods

Rebuilding Neighborhoods | In the most disadvantaged neighborhoods of the Twin Cities, Urban Homeworks focuses the combined resources of individuals, churches, businesses, government entities and other nonprofits to transform foreclosed, condemned or boarded properties into dignified, quality places to live.

Thursday, 11 June 2015 10:53

Neighborhood Nightmare

nightmareIt had the potential to be every parents’ nightmare. John (UHW resident), saw a man drive down the street. John’s 5 and 11 year old neighbors were playing in the front yard and he knew this man was not a father or friend. When he saw the man lure the boys into his car and drive away, John took action.

A search party formed in their POD and the police were notified while John and another UHW resident ran after the vehicle. Within minutes they found the man hiding only blocks away. The neighbors reunited the boys – who were gripping the dollars used to lure them into the vehicle - with their parents.

THIS is the power of connectivity. THIS is what we are in the business of building on our blocks and in our PODs…using housing stability, connectedness, as a tool to take back neighborhoods. It is an unbelievably strong means to an incredible end. It is the neighbor that can identify a suspicious character on the block because he KNOWS those living on his block and CARES ENOUGH to act. Thank you for creating space for relationships to grow and happy endings to take place.

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