24 May, 2015
Rebuilding Neighborhoods

Rebuilding Neighborhoods | In the most disadvantaged neighborhoods of the Twin Cities, Urban Homeworks focuses the combined resources of individuals, churches, businesses, government entities and other nonprofits to transform foreclosed, condemned or boarded properties into dignified, quality places to live.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015 12:18

Snowballing Stability

nazOne year ago, Michelle, Curtis and their two children were staying in a motel. Curtis was unemployed, and Michelle was working part time at a restaurant. Their scholars were struggling in school, and the instability was impacting the emotional health of each family member.

Michelle and Curtis’ NAZ Connector, Sadia, connected them to Housing Navigator, Danyika, for support. Danyika matched the family with the Achieving through Stability short-term rental subsidy in partnership with PPL. April 17th, 2014, Michelle and Curtis moved into a home. This was the moment of stability which started a snowball of achievement.

Since the subsidy began, Michelle has stabilized her employment. She began working full time in the fall and was promoted to the level of Assistant Manager this winter. She is now completing her safe serve certification so that she can continue to move up in her career.

Curtis also now works for the restaurant, which has further stabilized the family’s income. Michelle and Curtis’ young scholars no longer are experiencing the behavioral issues they struggled with last school year, and their daughter (3rd grade) has been on the “A” honor roll all year. In a recent letter she wrote to her teacher she stated, “I will be a leader!”

Michelle and Curtis were recently approved for a one-year extension of the Achieving through Stability subsidy. As they start their second year in housing, Michelle and Curtis are in the application process for PROJECT:Reclaim homeownership with Urban Homeworks. Michelle and Curtis have firmly claimed the dream of being Northside homeowners and are right now taking the first steps to get there.

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