25 October, 2016
Rebuilding Neighborhoods

Rebuilding Neighborhoods | In the most disadvantaged neighborhoods of the Twin Cities, Urban Homeworks focuses the combined resources of individuals, churches, businesses, government entities and other nonprofits to transform foreclosed, condemned or boarded properties into dignified, quality places to live.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016 12:44

More Mayo Please

Cookies, lemonade, and ham sandwiches (that probably could have used a little more mayo - thanks for the tip, MinneMex) were being snatched up as person after person filed into the upper room of the Cookie Cart for our Contractor Open House. Within 30 minutes of the doors being opened, the place was packed with local pro’s who do flooring, heating, painting, HVAC, you name it –all interested in hearing more about opportunities they might have to work with Urban Homeworks.

After a presentation and a smattering of questions (How do I bid on a job? How long does a project take to complete?), Kevin, The Heating Guy, shouted out:

“All I wanna say is, 4 years ago, I was homeless and living in my car. I’ve been working with Urban Homeworks since then and, let’s just say, that car is fully paid for and I’m doin’ fine. Thank you!" 

Kevin has worked his tail off and HE is why we remain committed to employing locally.  

For the work that can’t be done by volunteers and trainees, we put to motion the talent of northside and southside residents, utilizing the wealth of human capital that exists in our neighborhoods; creating opportunities for our neighbors to literally rebuild and craft their own communities, boost our local economy.

The product we see at the end of the day – the HOME – is pretty incredible, but so is the process. And the transformation that takes place isn’t limited to what’s seen in a before/after pic…it takes place in the lives of the contractors, volunteers, and trainees that are touching the properties every step of the way.

And so, THANK YOU, to every one of our talented subs.  Because you ARE the community, you are the best equipped to BUILD the community.

On that note, stay tuned for a 19 second message from our local contractors (shameless plug from Kevin, coming up!)

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*The numbers in the graphic above reflect the impact of our redemptive development in 2015.

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