24 October, 2014
Rebuilding Neighborhoods

Rebuilding Neighborhoods | In the most disadvantaged neighborhoods of the Twin Cities, Urban Homeworks focuses the combined resources of individuals, churches, businesses, government entities and other nonprofits to transform foreclosed, condemned or boarded properties into dignified, quality places to live.

Friday, 05 September 2014 13:33

Extreme Yard Makeover

marketplace-sidebarRebecca took a startled breath as she walked out of her front door. Not yet used to her newly landscaped yard, she was taken aback by the effect new bushes, some creative hardscaping, and freshly planted perennials would have on how she felt as she started her day and how she felt about her neighborhood. Her home was one of three that were part of a landscaping event carried out by our partners at Marketplace Home Mortgage.

When the MHM group came on-site this for the 6th year, we all decided to get a little bit creative (click here to see the press release). The volunteers split into two teams and were assigned
biffy2 two properties each. Their challenge? To completely make-over the landscapes in only one day. Each crew had the opportunity to earn “points” by the amount of materials they could get donated and how dramatic the make-over was at the end of the day. (Both teams earned significant credit for loading and carrying the forgotten Biffy on-site, a minor detail oversight on our end!)

They went above and beyond to complete the challenge and at the end of the day, threw a community BBQ to celebrate. Neighbors, tenants, and homeowners came out to judge the progress and help grill while kids toured a fire truck. And, while pulling off a half-block makeover like that in one day is an accomplishment in itself, the impact afterward is the bigger story. Rebecca called our Community Engagement Manager the next day and said, “I just walk out and feel different… We need to do more of this. And I mean, WE need to.”


You continue to make Lovell Square a beautiful, stable place that we can all take pride in. You are broadening our understanding of affordable housing and transforming our neighborhoods to reflect the beauty woven in and throughout the relationships that exist there. Thank you for your creative partnership.

Keith White, owner of Marketplace Home Mortgage, will be sharing his story at this year’s Perpetuate the Hope Luncheon. Come for a free lunch and find out what has inspired him on this journey to rebuild neighborhoods, reconnect people, and reclaim hope.

Click here to see all the photos from the Groundbreakers event.  









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