24 April, 2014
Reconnecting People

Reconnecting People | Once a property has been restored, Urban Homeworks works to connect neighbor to neighbor to create a livable, robust community with a strong sense of home. The result is a rich exchange between households that reweaves a sense of community through day-to-day activities.

Friday, 28 March 2014 14:43

Bus Stop Sucker Punch

Sometimes God’s goodness pops me in the face like a divine sucker punch.  Snaps my head back, and my heart, up out of my precious preoccupations.  I know we are supposed to believe that churchy refrain “God is good, All the time.  All the time, God is good.”  But, let’s be honest, it’s easy to get a bit jaded from time to time.  And then, at a bus stop in North Minneapolis, the Lord’s profound kindness, delivered by a stranger, jabs me in the soul saying, “Hey, pay attention, I’m here.  I’m doing stuff still.” 

She came into Urban Homeworks office, desperate to find a place to live.  She was escorted by Trisha, an Urban Homeworks tenant, also a single mom, with whom she and her 2 kids were staying until they could figure something out.   It was tight quarters, two families in a 3bedroom, but like a Cadillac compared to the shelter.  And definitely better than getting kicked out into the cold (again), at the whims of her sister’s mean-drunk boyfriend.  Life’s crumble began when her close family member passed, and she was not able to hang onto the apartment she had shared with her.   

“So, how do you know Trisha?  Family?  Friends?”  We fill the air with safe questions as prerequisite paperwork is filled out.  Futile friendly banter, as if it will lessen the blow that a waiting list 357 names long is what we can offer today. 

“Uh…no.  We met at the bus stop.  She invited us to stay with her, until we could find something else.”

Her reply hammered me, and then provoked a combination punch of conflicting thoughts coming at me, all at once. 

Snap. Trisha’s remarkable compassion, so Christ-like, taking in a stranger and her kids.

Ouch.  I don’t like this deep knowing, that I may not be as brave, as obedient, as kind, as Trisha. 

Dang.  How hard it is out there for those on the edge, that your best option for you and the kids is a stranger’s couch. 

We witness stories of generosity from tenants and friends on a regular basis.  Find out how your partnership, your kindness, can create stability that lands more kids on their own beds, in their own rooms, with their own homes.   

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