5 July, 2015
Reconnecting People

Reconnecting People | Once a property has been restored, Urban Homeworks works to connect neighbor to neighbor to create a livable, robust community with a strong sense of home. The result is a rich exchange between households that reweaves a sense of community through day-to-day activities.

leeVolunteers bring so much to the mix. They give skills and talent, time and effort, and sometimes, unknowingly, they give us renewal and hope.

One Sunday, Volunteer Manager, Cody Menning, met the son of one of our hardworking Quicksilvers, a group of (mostly) retired weekly volunteers. Cody told the man’s son how much we appreciate his father and the countless hours of labor he pours into homes week after week, but was interrupted. The son told him that it was Urban Homeworks who needed thanked. He credits the Quicksilver Crew with keeping his 80 year old father alive and active. His father takes on each day with a condition which has caused his brain to shrink, leading to tremors and memories slipping away. However, he is still swinging a hammer on the job site twice a week. These moments with volunteers are not about job scopes being completed. These moments are about a renewed confidence that we are building a community of hope.

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