16 April, 2014

Sponsorship Opportunities

Urban Homeworks hosts a variety of events that support our mission and the development of the neighborhoods where we work, engaging with multiple audiences that represent diverse sections of our community.

We encourage you to consider committing philanthropic and/or marketing dollars to the work of Urban Homeworks in the form of sponsorship. The following sponsorship opportunities are available as singular events or as an annual, multi-event commitment.

Perpetuate the Hope

Over the last four years Urban Homeworks has raised nearly $550,000 at the annual Perpetuate the Hope event. These funds are crucial to our ability to continue reweaving community in some of the most distressed neighborhoods of the Twin Cities. In October 2011, Urban Homeworks will host two separate events—a breakfast and a luncheon—on the same day to include more than 800 local community and business leaders in the journey to rebuild neighborhoods, reconnect neighbors and reclaim hope. Your support will make a difference. More information here.

Haul’n it Home Grain Drive

Each year, Urban Homeworks hosts a grain drive to help provide funding for dignified housing for low-income families. Over the last four years Urban Homeworks has raised nearly $180,000 from Minnesota farmers. If you are interested in reaching Minnesota farmers through sponsoring this fall event, download the sponsorship form here. If you have a farm and can donate a load of grain to Urban Homeworks, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 612-701-2653.


GO! Northside

Urban Homeworks is committed to providing value to the neighborhoods where we work through community engagement that gathers neighbors from across the Twin Cities metro area. In 2011 Urban Homeworks took a year to reorganize and develop a vision for an event that is community-based and creates a positive experience for the diversity of people who make up our urban neighborhoods. Watch for more details about our plans in 2012!